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    July 9, 2013
    4:30 - 5:01pm PDT  

controls on the market street corridor from sixth street to van ness avenue. this interim ordinance will acquire new formula retail in the targeted area to apply for conditional use permit while planning conducts an economic impact analysis prepared by independent consultant, application and directs planning to direct [speaker not understood] formula retail use over the area in the next 18 months. and continue to be an advocate for the economic revitalization of the mid-market corridor. and i believe that it has to be a balanced approach. prioritizing locally owned businesses is a key part of the central economic development plan and many residents are concerned about preserving the character of this neighborhood and want a say in its future growth. the legislation will be an additional tool towards importing small businesses and arts organizations that have long contributed to mid-market identity and economic vitality and which often serve as the levitt institutions for residents, workers and tourists alike. back in april 2004 the city did
adopt a planning code section which defined a formula retail use and either permitted it, authorized it as a conditional use, or prohibited it in various areas of the city. with over 3100 new residential units in the development pipeline from mid-market, 11 new technology companies, a food emporium, and thousands of employees moving to mid-market corridor, the success of this rapidly growing neighborhood especially today is tied to this ability to maintain diverse small businesses which contribute to character and vibrancy. as a city continues to attract new businesses in this emerging retail corridor, there is a desire to attract neighborhood retail that is in keeping with the character of this historic area. in the central market area there already exist 10 formula retail fast food establishments and two formula retail pharmacies. it is not monitored and regulated additional formula retill may hamper our goal of a diverse retail base with the distinct neighborhood personality. many of which tend to be nontraditional or unique.
and tends to skew in terms of local and regional retailers versus national. our office would like a study of formula retail uses in central market. however, we understand because there are several pending legislations on formula retail control, we would like planning to do an overall assessment city-wide including mid-market corridor as part of its study to see how formula retail can benefit or detract from the economic development of our neighborhoods. so, this is just an interim control for 18 months. we do have an exception for grocery stores which we know is a huge need in the neighborhood, although we are very excited that we are welcoming a 2000 square foot market in the building that is now occupied by twitter and yemmer which will all be locally owned -- primarily locally owned small businesses that will make up a [speaker not understood] type small food grocery store in a very large space. so, we're excited about that. we still want to see more
grocery stores in the area and have made exceptions for that, but we do look forward to the city-wide study and are particularly interested in this corridor and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor kim. supervisor mar. >> thank you. i wanted to join my colleagues in the condolances to supervisor willie b. kennedy and friends. also the two teens that perished in the tragedy at the airport. and not only family and friends here, but also in korea and china. i wanted to also alert everyone that the outside alliance music festival is coming in mid august, but one of the key changes and improvements for the contract for the outside alliance festival in golden gate park in my district has been a commitment from another planet entertainment to hire locally and they are conducting a major hiring job fair on july 13 this saturday from 10:00
a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the san francisco county fair building in golden gate park on 9th avenue at lincoln. i wanted to say that my work with the recreation and park department and others have led to a number of community benefits besides hiring locally from the neighborhoods around the park that are the most impacted by the concert, the three-day concert, but also other benefits like supporting the smaller merchants and local businesses along the inner sunset or the inner richmond areas and the outer richmond areas around balboa around the festival site. also efforts to createv an opportunity for community-based groups around the park that bear the brunt of the impacts of the three-day festival each year and the several days to set up and clean up as well. this event, job fair is the result of a number of negotiations between my office and another planet entertainment. we have [speaker not understood] many san franciscans and others who live
around the park will benefit from jobs that will be created temporarily for the festival, but thes also other events planet does in the future. i also wanted to say that the businesses that are around the park also understand that lots of people will come into the festival and our hope is that with the various more chartctiontionv associations and [speaker not understood] also inner clement, outer balboa and other areas in the park as well. [speaker not understood] commit today hiring for the following positions. site set up and tear-down crews, ~ bartenders and beverage and catering, but also national event services, security guards. and there's various types of requirement, the ability to lift 25 pounds to be of course if you're serving alcohol, over 21. and other different requirements. if you have any questions about this, you can contact my office or visit sf outside
our office has been working with various beacon center and youth and neighborhood groups to make sure that people noel about this important job fair. we'll work with supervisor katy tang's office and others to make sure there is good outreach to the sunset and other areas around the park as well. also coming up this saturday is an effort by the san francisco parks conservancy at ocean beach with ben and jerry's ice cream to clean up the beach. i know that sunday streets which covered not only the great highway, but also the edge of golden gate park that many people out there -- and i think these efforts, partnerships with the recreation and parks department, ben and jerry's and others really make a difference in ocean beach especially around the fire bits area that are the very western edge of golden gate park. join us to enjoy the ocean beach and lend a much needed hand with trash pick up, graffiti removal and landscaping. the rec and park department needs your help to keep our
coastline healthy, commissioner sue leectionv clean, and safe for everyone. ~ the wildlife and the whole community as well. rally your friends and family and it really will be about celebrating our healthy neighborhoods and areas of san francisco, but also enjoying free ice cream from ben and jerry's after we clean up the beach. the volunteers should meet at 9:00 a.m. at the ocean beach number 21 which is just south of the beach restaurant at the western edge of golden gate park. for anyone interested, you can go to www.parks for more information. and lastly, mayor lee and supervisor campos and supervisor kim and others have raised the issue of support for city college. i wanted to say that i'm very hopeful that our city family can support the special trustee [speaker not understood], but also the elected community college board trustees as they
figure out what the role of the elected trustees will be. i wanted to say also that supervisor wiener and i and others are going to be supporting the students, faculty, staff, and the communities as they are marching right now in support of city college and i wanted to let people know that the rally and the march at the department of education building is going on. we're intending to be out there. i'd like to also emphasize a few points that supervisor campos made that city college, the 90,000 students, all of us, we have some direct connection to them. many of them are immigrants that need the -- abshrewdly need those esl and job training classes and any efforts to downsize or eliminate the key community based programs for community colleges would be tragic harm to the whole city. and the california community
college chancellor bribes harris i think said it best recently ~ in remarks after the horrifying and -- the horrifying decision by the accj.c., the accrediting agency. he said lots of accreditation to city college would in many cases void the ability of students to transfer credits. it would jeopardize financial aid and cut off state funding for the college. essentially, the loss of accreditation would be the death penalty for city college. we simply cannot allow that to happen. so, i join with the students, the community, the faculty and staff, and others, to do everything we can as a city to save city college. and i think a lot of the work will be behind the scenes with the college trustees, faculty and others. we need to build up much more public awareness of the existence of this accrediting bode and i do everything we can to support our city college. the rest i'll submit. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor avalos.
>> thank you, madam clerk. i just wanted to rise to say happy birthday to supervisor jane kim. today is hader birthday. ~ her birthday. i don't think she knew that we knew. now you know. i just wanted to wish you a happy 29th birthday. (applause) >> and the rest i'll submit. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. all of those items will be appropriately referred. mr. president, that concludes roll call for introductions. >> thank you. madam clerk, let's go to roll call. >> at this time the public may comment generally up to two minutes on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board including item number 1, the policy discussion between the mayor and the board and items on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. please note that public comment is not allowed on those items which have already been subject to public comment by a board committee and pursuant to board rule 4.22 direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisors nor to the audience. speakers using translation
assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify. and if you would like a document to be displayed on the overhead projector, clearly state such and then remove the document when the screen should return to live coverage of the meeting. >> like to hear from our first speaker in general public comment. thank you. stop the corporate [speaker not understood] of public library. don't give money to the friends of the public library. don't accept money from the public library. most people in the room know david chiu had me arrested in august of 2011. it must be understood this is part of the mechanism by which city hall thieves are respectable and honest citizens are undesirables. make no mistake, quit making public comment in city hall is coming into the belly of the beast. it is a complete reversal of the accomplishments of democracy. marie antoinette did not have as much contempt for [speaker not understood] as a san francisco supervisor has for a citizen who is not in on the graft. actually, you're not as blatant as you used to be. city hall has become a
marketplace where public officials trade public assets for the benefit of their careers. what is happening in the public library is just the worst example of what is happening in eversiti department. eversiti department wants a friends group because it is a mechanism to distribute the benefits to the few instead of the many. the few are for [speaker not understood] parties. the many can be ignored or arrested. have you walked the streets and seen the condition of the people? your division -- diversion of society's assets to corporate benefit causes real harm to people. the library, the president is guilty of official misconduct. the city librarian is guilty of refusing to provide financial records. there is a scandal regarding the city librarians discretion fund and a pending investigation by the fed political practices commission. and the branch library is wrapping up with a complete reversal of what contemporaneously reporting
showed rather than calls for accountability, the board of supervisors has a proposal to protect the friends the library from oversight. the privatization of our society not only feeds on the public's asset, p it destroys people's access to the truth. david chiu having me arrested does not solve society's problems and the lies costs more than the money. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> mr. war field, please begin your comments. i'm peter war field, director of library users association. i thought that supervisors [speaker not understood] and london breed might stop their talking amongst themselves in the press box to pay some attention to public comment.
the library unfortunately has a very, very bad record, particularly recently with respect to accountability. in february 2013, earlier this year, the library presented to the library commission the policy-setting body, a plan which the commission adopted to add 56 hours to the library's open hours system wide at a cost of about a million dollars. in may the specifics were presented to the commission for its discussion. suddenly in june, the library's open hours additions were suddenly 36 hours, not 56 hours. and when a commissioner asked, it turned out that 20 hours had been paid by a prior action from this board the prior year. so, the three days of extra
time that it opened at library branches in june turned out to be implemented in the 12th month of the fiscal year for which they apparently were funded. the budget and finance committee heard testimony from [speaker not understood] on june 19th. one supervisor who attempted to ask about the hours what were intended to be essentially they were going to be even hours cuts didn't get a straight answer about the hours. and another supervisor asked about books did not get a straight answer about what the book budget was doing, but only books and materials. the library is [inaudible]. >> thank you, sir. next speaker, please. good afternoon, supervisor campos and supervisors.
here's an old book that has a lot of memories in it. i want to show you. and there's a lot of names and notes in this book because we've been treasure hunting and all that, the schools, my mother's notes there with a metal detector. proud people you knew in the school district. in the '71 book, '70. ♪ [speaker not understood] we'll work night and day remember the budget remember to pay i've been waiting for you with the skies above blue and the sunshine of your [speaker not understood] stay with me, my city and we're gonna make it better today and we're gonna make it better
okay i've been waiting for you in the city skies above blue and the sunshine of your city [speaker not understood] and if you're going to san francisco [speaker not understood] if you're going to san francisco you're gonna find [speaker not understood] people there and all across the nation such a strange vibration people voting america's cup boating >> thank you, sir.
thank you, mr. paulson. next speaker, please. i wonder if i can show this on the screen here. i don't know if you can see the whole thing. my name is ace washington. as soon as this is on the screen, my time will start. one article -- how is everybody doing? i'm here on a mission, y'all. i'm here to declare that the african-american black negro here in san francisco, right here in 2013, we're in a state of emergency. >> if you can speak into the mic, mr. washington. thank you. here in san francisco, i, ace washington on the case in your face, [speaker not understood] is declaring state of emergency here in san francisco, black negros [speaker not understood]. i tried to get some words from the mayor after his press conference. as usual i was smeared off by his security as if he's president of the united states. ed lee knows me. and by the way, let me get my
word out, condolance to the family of the kennedys. i have a rich history of the kennedys. and i can't say everything i want to say here. back in the days there were two black african-american sisters. now we have a young early version. but this is to y'all. now, you have the ability to say something after i speak or say something. i am declaring state of emergency [speaker not understood] by the supervisor breed declares that the shrinking in black population. we're having a meeting tonight with the naacp. i'm not saying i support them, they ain't did nothing for me. there is one thing we're going to talk about. i hope the sisters are there. [speaker not understood]. my name is ace [speaker not understood] three generations under me, i'm 59 years old, yes. i have two grand kid, three grand kid, and three children that were raised in the city but can't afford it. but i'm telling you, the mayor, the supervisors, and everyone
-- and i want the world to know -- i have a dee sightiontion vice and system that's called a unique system, i can push a button and let the world know what i see. so, declare we're in a state of emergency. >> thank you, sir. next speaker, please. i have some documents. my name is randal brew baker and i'm here on behalf of an organization, san francisco coalition for undergrounding utilities. the subject, appropriate to show the picture. i actually took this picture from the front window of my home. it's not often you see repair out there. unfortunately, every day we have this ugly apparatus in front of us that's embarrassing to us and the city. we are a coalition of neighborhoods. we're growing. we want this stuff to disappear. [speaker not understood].
we'd like to see the job finished. now, i want to move on to another document which i trust you are already aware of. if you're not, i definitely want to have you know about this. [speaker not understood] submitted to the san francisco board of supervisors by its own task force in 2007 with recommendations on how to deal with undergrounding, how to make it happen in san francisco. and if it's on the internet, it has to be in your file someplace. i prefer it be on top of your desk. these are recommendations out of that document. the key notion is that undergrounding would be taken over as a project of the city. it would be administered by the city. a barely relevant example of how to do this is in san diego. it's been going on in san diego. this task force looked at san
diego, used san diego as a reference point. recommendation number one is develop a long-term [inaudible]. recommendation number 3 is important, it can be funded without financial stress on anyone's back. surcharge you to be able to -- san diego surcharge is 3%. i want you to know about this. please move forward with your own task force recommendations. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. good afternoon, john [speaker not understood] from san francisco. this is just something to think about. i call it from the past to the present. the mad man sent to the gas chambers, first by the hundreds, then by the thousands, and then by the millions.
and the world cried. we gave them the homeland and they took a nation. [speaker not understood] the homeless, by the hundreds, thousands, and then millions became refugees and went mad. and the world cried again. right became wrong and wrong became right. beauty became ugly and ugly became beauty. hate became free and [speaker not understood] became twisted, and the world cried again. [speaker not understood] became glory i and gentleness became wrong. [speaker not understood] and the world went mad. then the world stopped crying and all went.
period. thank you for listening. >> thank you. next speaker, please. next speaker. my name is ryan [speaker not understood], volunteer physicians organizing committee. i'm here to speak on the general topic of mental health. we would like to extend the invitation to all the supervisors to come visit with us at s.f. general hospital with our physicians, [speaker not understood], psychiatric units. we are very much looking forward to the st. luke's and cathedral hill rebuild. however, we do want to see mental health in there somehow going far especially with the needs only increasing. personally i'd like to say i think it's outrageous that this is now in general public comment and we cannot comment directly on the cpmc deal, especially in regards to mental
health, particularly since we had 30 physicians and other members of the mental health community attempting to reach the negotiating team in regards to mental health. and unfortunately was left out because of conflicting information perhaps given by the director of public health whom we met with recently. so, we'd like to congratulate the city and supervisors on this deal moving forward, and we'd also like to stress vigilance not only on the part of our membership, but on the part of the city as a whole with regards to mental health. thank you for your time. >> next speaker. good afternoon, my name is douglass yip and i'd like to have it on the record that for some reason all 11 of you are actually paying attention. let's go by this real fast. number one, the most honest person in san francisco is the
fire department person that brought to the attention of everyone that the possibility -- possibility of an injury that was involved in the airplane crash. that person needs to be commended for such honesty because honesty is something you don't find around here very often. so, whoever that person is, thank you for being so honest. secondly, whatever happened to the employee about the school board, it says here so many felonies, three years investigation, if we can't even take care of that, how are we going to take care of city college? next, there was this headline, did jerry brown [speaker not understood] refuse to do their jobs? i think all of you need to read that and makeup your own mind.
next, grand jury report about dbi, another instance where mayor lee was asleep. he knew all about it for so many years, did nothing. please resign and save face. follow the example of your south korean counterparts, bow, admit a mistake, and be honest about it. next one is city college loses its accreditation, part of the blame -- part of the blame needs to go on the mayor's office and the board of supervisors. i'm sure everybody knew there were problems there, but everybody was way too busy working on their own special interest projects. forget the students. [inaudible]. >> thanks. next speaker. jesus said the prince of this world comes and has nothing in me. in other words, jesus and satan
are directly opposed. before we get into that i'd like to say [speaker not understood].many com is the best color, [speaker not understood] is the best preacher and you can download 3,000 of his sermonses from the first of february 1969 to last february's brought cast on satan, what is he like, michael akino. family radio is the best radio station because it's the only radio station, kear 6 10 is the only radio station that fulfilled matthew 24:14 and it's the only radio station that reads george whitfield's sermons who is the best evangelist. most importantly family radio is the best radio station because it's the only radio station that reads the word of god hours on end. now, i'd like to laugh at and embarrass the national security agency's head michael akino and the reason why i want to embarrass michael akino the head of the national security
agency, the nsa, is because general akino admitted to renting the german building where the ss reformed and he admitted this. he lives here. maybe we can get the psychiatric help the [speaker not understood], maybe we can get akino psychiatric help. i don't know. he admited in full nazi regalia reenacting the secret ceremony. what type of sick twisted individual is this? why was he the head of the nsa? okay, i mentioned when i started that satan and jesus are directly opposed, directly opposed. jesus is the great law keeper, satan is the great law breaker. jesus christ said all of the truth hear my voice. my father will [inaudible]. >> thank you very much. are there any other members of
the public that wish to speak in general public comment? seeing none, general public comment is closed. [gavel] >> madam clerk, can could you read the adoption calendar? >> items 53 through 56 are being considered for immediate adoption without committee reference. a single roll call vote may enact these items. if a member objects a matter may be removed and considered separately. >> colleagues, would anyone like to sever these items? supervisor farrell. >> 54, please. >> and the balance of the calendar, roll call. >> supervisor wiener? wiener aye. supervisor yee? yee aye. supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed? breed aye. supervisor campos? campos aye. supervisor chiu? chiu aye. supervisor cohen? cohen aye. supervisor farrell? farrell aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor tang? tang aye. there are 11 ayes. >> the resolutions are adopted. [gavel] >> item 54. >> item 54 is a resolution recognizing the grand reopening